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New York, N.Y. 10007
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Artist, Curator, Founder and Artistic Director of
The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

1978        M.F.A., Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1971-72   Independent Study Program, Whitney Museum of American Art, 
                New York.
1970        B.F.A., Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and University of
                Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

1971       Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Drake Press Prize
1970       Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: 
               J. Henry Scheidt European Prize
               Quaker Prize for Meritorious Achievement
               Thouron Prize for Outstanding Composition

2007    “Who Is The Victim”, 52nd Art Biennale of Venice, Venice, Italy. The 
2004     “Drawings by Sonia Balassanian”, Armenian Center for Contemporary 
              Art, Yerevan
1993     “Shadows of My Sisters”, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art,
              Winston-Salem, N.C. 
1992     “The Other Side” The Sculpture Center, New York, N.Y.
1989     “Brooding”, Exit Art, New York, N.Y.
1982     “Black, Black Days”, Franklin Furnace Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1980     “Hostages: A Diary”, Elise Meyer Gallery, New York, N.Y. 
1978      Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1976      Saman Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1975      Zarvan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014     "UPDATE/POST MEMORY": International Video Art With Eastern
             Perspective, Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany. 
             Curator:  Susanne Altmmann
            “Neighbours: Contemporary Narratives from Turkey and Beyond”
             Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey
             Curators: Çelenk Bafra, Paolo Colombo
2008     "East West Dialogues, Mysticism, Satire and the Legendary Past," 
            "The Gates of Mediterranean", Palazzo Piozzo-Casa del Conte Verde, 
             Rivoli, curated by Martina Corgnati 
2007     "Yerevan Crisis", Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental 
             Art, Yerevan, Armenia
2006    “Face a Face-Armenie”, Group exhibition of photography of 
             Armenian photographers, curated by Edward Balassanian
            “The Contemporary Persian Scene: The American and European 
             Experience”, Leila Taghinia-Milani 
             Heller Gallery, New York, USA”
            “Don’t be scared”, an exhibition of political art by Armenian 
             artists, Curator David Kareyan at the Armenian Center for 
             Contemporary Experimental Art - ACCEA, Yerevan 
             “Art Without Borders“, Armenian Center for Contemporary
             Experimental Art - ACCEA, Yerevan 
            “Social Games”, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental 
            Art - ACCEA, Yerevan
2005     “Photo+”, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental 
             Art-ACCEA, Yerevan
             “Woman Dialogue”, Armenian Center for 
              Contemporary Experimental Art-ACCEA, Yerevan
2001      Museum de Lakenhal, Holland. "4 Artists of the Armenian Diaspora".
"Continental Shift." Stadsgalerij Heerlen, Holland. 
              Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale 
              Kunst, Achen, Germany. 
Curator: David Galloway
              Exit Art, New York, N.Y. "The End: An Independent Vision 
              of Contemporary Culture".
1999      Artotel, Dresden, Germany. "Nabel SCHAU". 
1998      Apex Art Gallery, New York, N.Y. "Remembering Times Past", 
              Apex Art Curatorial Program. 
1997      XLVII Art Biennale of Venice, Venice, Italy. "The Armenian 
              Pavilion", one of five Armenian artists from Armenia and the 
              Diaspora, representing Armenia.
1995      CARGO International Center of Visual Arts, Marseille, France.
              "International Biennale of Group Art". Bochum Museum, Bochum, 
              Germany. "Armenia: The Rediscovery of a Land of Ancient Culture".
              An Exhibition of Armenian Art from Prehistoric Times to Present.
1993     The Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y.
              "Readymade Identities". 
              Works of 6 Artists at the Project Room.
1991      Franklin Furnace Gallery, New York, N.Y. "Burning In Hell". 
              A Collection of Artists' Book Projects Invited by Nancy Spero.
1990      Ceres Gallery, New York, N.Y. "Memory/Reality". 
              An exhibition presented by NYFAI.
1989      Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hempstead, N.Y. 
             "On the Cutting Edge: 
              10 Curators Choose 30 Artists"
1988       The Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y. "Committed to Print".
1986       Exit Art, New York, N.Y. "Transculture/Transmedia".
1985-86  "The American Experience: Contemporary Immigrant Artists".
              Bass Museum of Art,Miami Beach, FL.
              The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Philadelphia, PA.
               Lake view Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, IL.
               An exhibition sponsored by Statue of Liberty Committee, 
               and organized by the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies 
               and Independent Curators Incorporated. 
1985       Merilyn Pink Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1984       Pyramid Arts Center, Rochester, N.Y. "Introspectives".
               Calligrafitti, Leila Taghinia-Milani Gallery, New York
1983       Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery, Newcastle, U.K. 
               "New Work - New York: Newcastle salutes New York".
               Institute for Art and Urban Resources, P.S.1, Queens, N.Y. 
              "Seven Women/Image Impact".
              Ornaments as Sculpture: An Exhibition of Small Works, 
              Sculpture Center, New York
1982       Alternative Museum, New York, N.Y. "Visual Politics".
               Louis Abrons Arts for Living Center, New York, N.Y. 
              "Beyond Aesthetics: Art of Necessity by Artists 
              of Conscience". 
              Just Above Midtown/Downtown Gallery, New York, N.Y. 
              "Decision by Arms?"
1981      Freeman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA. "Messages: 
              Words and Images".
1980      Artspace, Middlesex, N.J. "Artists and Contemporary Issues". 
              Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. 
              "Rendering of the Modern Woman".
1980      Artists and Contemporary Issues, Artspace, Middlessex, NJ
               Rendering of the Modern Woman, Joseloff Gallery, 
               University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. 1977 Washington 
              Art ’77 Exhibition, Washington, D.C.
              Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran, Iran
1976      Basel International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland.
              Woman and Art, International Art Center, Tehran, Iran
              Eighty Years of Modern Art in Iran, Iran- American 
              Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

PERFORMING ARTS/ Mixed Media Performances
2006     “Who Is The Victim”, a six-screen video installation/performance 
              by Sonia Balassanian, Armenian Center for 
               Contemporary Experimental Art – CCEA, Yerevan, Armenia.
2005     “There Might Have Been an Insane Heart…”, 
               multimedia installation, Armenian Center for Contemporary 
               Experimental Art- ACCEA, Yerevan.
2002     “Brooding”, multimedia installation, Armenian Center for 
              Contemporary Experimental Art- ACCEA, Yerevan.
2001      “Shadow of Dust”, multimedia installation, Armenian Center 
               for Contemporary Experimental Art-ACCEA, Yerevan.
2000      “Collapse of Illusions”, multimedia installation, Armenian Center 
               for Contemporary Experimental Art- ACCEA, Yerevan.

1992      Set Design for "Law of Remains". A performance created and 
              designed by Reza Abdo, and presented by Dar A Luz, New York, N.Y.
1991      Set Design for "The True Story of a Woman Born in Iran and
              Raised to Haven in Manhattan". 
              Written and Directed by Assurbanipal Babilla, and co- produced 
              by Purgatorio Ink and One Dream, One Dream, New York, N.Y.
1989      Set Design for "Eyeless Tears in a Universe of Ether".
              A performance conceived, choreographed and directed by 
              Linda Rappaport, Dia Art Foundation, New York. 

2006     “Two Books” Republication of two books of poems by 
               Sonia Balassanian (1982, 1991) in one combined volume,
               Yerevan, Armenia. “Portraits”, Second Edition, Yerevan, Armenia. 
1991      "To Present Dreams of Emotions To The Noisy Rain” 
               Selected Poems in the Armenian Language by Sonia Balassanian ", 
               New York, N.Y.
1983       "Portraits", New York, N.Y.
1982       "There Might Have Been An Insane Heart”, Selected Poems in the 
               Armenian Language by Sonia Balassanian". New York, N.Y.

2007       Nina Moentmann, “Who Is The Victim?”, VII Art Biennale 
               of Venice, Venice, Italy.
1997       Thomas McEvilley, "The Armenian Pavilion", XLVII 
              Art Biennale of Venice, Venice, Italy.
1993       Fereshteh Daftari, "Readymade Identities". New York: 
              Museum of Modern Art.
1993      Susan Lubowsky and Jeff Fleming, "Sonia Balassanian: 
              Shadow of My Sisters". Winston-Salem: Southeastern Center 
              for Contemporary Art. 
1992       Geoffery Young, "Sonia Balassanian: The Other Side". 
               New York: The Sculpture Center.
1989       Donald Kuspit, "Sonia Balassanian: The Art of Brooding". 
               New York: Exit Art. 
1988       Deborah Wye, "Committed to Print". New York: 
               The Museum of Modern Art.
1980        Robert Hobbs, "Sonia Balassanian: Hostages, A Diary". 
               New York: Elise Meyer.

2007      Shake Matossian, “52. Biennale of Venice”, Haratch daily 
              (Paris, France) and Hay- Bulletin d’information du Comite des 
              Armeniens de Belgique, September 2007. Salar Abdoh, 
             “Vanishing Point”,    Guernica/A magazine of Art & Politics, 
              August 2007 Jackie Wullschlager, “Emin and Femininity”, 
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              “’Who is the Victim?’ at the Venice Biennale”, Agos.com.tr, 8 June, 
              Nairi Sahakian, “The Armenian Presence at the 52. 
              International Venice Biennale of Art”, 2007 
1994      Mona Hadler and Joan Marter, "World War II: Reverberations", 
              Art Journal, Winter 1994.
1992      Jude Schwendenwein, "Sonia Balassanian", New Art Examiner, 
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              Voice, March 24, 1992
1989      Eileen Myles,"Sonia Balassanian at Exit Art," Art in America, 77, 
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1980       Carrie Rickey, "Sonia Balassanian's “Hostages: A Diary”,
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1978      William Zimmer, "Drawing Words," Soho News, 6-12 July.

2007     “Yerevan – Crises”, Armenian Center for Contemporary 
             Experimental Art - ACCEA, Yerevan
2006     “Art Without Borders“, Armenian Center for Contemporary 
             Experimental Art - ACCEA, Yerevan 
2002     "Brooding..." a multimedia performance event organized on 
              the occasion of 10th anniversary of founding of ACCEA./ACCEA, 
              Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
2001     “Shadows of Dust," a multimedia performance event 
              organized at the park across the entrance of ACCEA./ ACCEA, 
              Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. XLIX Art Biennale of Venice, 
             "The Armenian Pavilion," Organizer.
2000     “Collapse of Illusion," a multimedia performance event at public park, 
              including 4 new video pieces by Sonia Balassanian, ACCEA, Yerevan, 
              Republic of Armenia.
1999      XLVIII Art Biennale of Venice, "The Armenian Pavilion," Organizer. 
1997      XLVII Art Biennale of Venice, "The Armenian Pavilion," Curator.
1995      XLVI Art Biennale of Venice, "The Armenian Pavilion,
              " Commissioner and Curator.
1992-Present: Annual group exhibitions of painting, sculpture and 
              installation by Armenian and international avant-garde artists, 
              curated and participated in by Sonia Balassanian, in Yerevan, 
              Republic of Armenia.

2003      H.M. Farah Pahlavi, Queen of Iran 
2001      Prof. Edward M. Bergman Collection 
2000      Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
1986      Pippo and Carla Traversi Collection
1987      King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia
1976      Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
              Tomas Tomassian Collection
1970       Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 
               … and a number of individual collectors.